Saturday, June 27, 2015

Passing On The Mommy Knowledge

Have you ever had a baby before and there was so much you wish you would've known?

I had so many breastfeeding concerns, birthing anxiety and questions! The blessing in being a mom is learning and sharing!

I love that being a Doula gives me the opportunity to do, what I would have wanted for myself.

Have that person give me support and empower me with education. Well even in our errors we can teach the better way to do things.

A Doula is there to inform you and make sure you are supported. I remember how thankful my friend was when I gave her postpartum care and taught her how to wear her newborn correctly in a sling.

It may seem like a little thing, but it's giving them the confidence needed to parent safely and successfully. She didn't feel like giving up because I was there to show her how to do it.

Passing on that mommy knowledge is so important. It saves on stress, frustration, and low self esteem.
Did you learn something as a first time or even fifth time mom that you are thankful to have learned that made your life easier? I could name plenty of things!

As a Doula I'm sharing more and giving moms an opportunity to do it differently!! How awesome is that? My errors and lessons had a purpose. They become another mother's chance to do it better. Breastfeeding nutrition, herbal suggestions, aromatherapy solutions, information information information!!!

So if you're a mom, even if you're not a Doula. Don't be afraid to gently impart some mommy knowledge at the right time, to an expecting and new mom, you never know how beneficial it will be.

Thankful for every lesson learned in raising and breastfeeding 6 children.

Peace & Blessings

Doula services available 929-346-1019

Saturday, June 20, 2015

A Gift To Moms: Postpartum Doulas

Whether it's your first pregnancy or sixth pregnancy, we understand the importance of having support during that delicate postpartum period. Women are going through a lot and it's important we give them the best care possible.

You just had a baby, what a beautiful life changing experience! Your body is going through changes, and your emotions are going through changes. There's this new little blessing you delivered that is changing your world.
Seriously, theres a lot going on.
 But there's a great blessing that can truly help moms and our communities need to make use of:  Postpartum Doulas

Some women may not have support from their mom, their sisters or whomever because for example they live too far, or their mom is not in their life for whatever reason. Postpartum Doulas provide that emotional support that is necessary to a mom's emotional well being and development. This can be the difference between struggling in postpartum and thriving in postpartum.

What does a postpartum doula do? She is your emotional and physical support. Need to rest ? She is there to make sure you are getting the rest you need to recover! Breastfeeding woes? She is there to work with you and your little one so you can have a successful breastfeeding relationship. Feeling emotional? She's there to encourage you, support you and reassure you that you can do it!

Postpartum doulas, I believe are key to many women having an easier postpartum time. We come to you with a variety of skills (varies between doulas) that mother's can use, meal preparation, aromatherapy, cooking, cleaning, postpartum massage, emotional support, physical support, breastfeeding support, and more... Postpartum Doulas are your extra set of hands.

Don't get out of bed...
Let us get it for you.
Bond with your baby
Emotionally get yourself together.

No need to worry...
We are here to be of service. We are here to check up on the mom and care for the mom. Who couldn't use this service?

Helping give moms the confidence they need to care for themselves and their baby.

At Higher Purpose Birth Services, we do offer postpartum care in the Georgia area.
I'm a mom of six wonderful children, and I really would love to help more moms during postpartum.
 I get it, I've been there, and I've also helped other moms during their postpartum time, by cooking, cleaning and taking care of their children. We need this in our community.

The help of Postpartum Doulas are out there, check in your local area.
Do you know a mom who could use one? Get together with friends and give that mon the gift of a postpartum doula and give her a great start to recovering mentally, physically, and emotionally !

Are you in Georgia and want a postpartum doula? Call me at 929 346 1019

Peace & Blessings

Friday, June 19, 2015

The Higher Purpose

Why did we choose the name Higher Purpose Birth Services?

You may or may not know me but, I also run an awesome homemaking page. Where it is about motivating, supporting and encouraging moms around the world!

I always say I do my homemaking with a higher purpose, that purpose is to get closer to our Creator...

With doula services, getting closer to the Creator by witnessing and supporting the miracle of pregnancy and delivery is a reminder that these acts are because of The Most High and every good we do, should have a higher purpose in.. mind, action and heart.

Having been pregnant more than 6 times and experiencing so much during and after pregnancy. I know that I can offer a lot of support to women who need it. Pregnancy and birth is a joyful experience and I want to help make it easier and memorable.

I'm very excited to have made this necessary step in providing a much needed service.

I reside in Georgia and looking to work with moms in the area. Also as a certified herbalist and aromatherapist we offer a lot of products for the whole family. Pregnancy teas, soaks, massage oils, salves, cough syrups , tonics and more for the whole family.

Would like to know more? Please feel free to...

Call me! 929-346-1019

Peace & Blessings,