Friday, June 19, 2015

The Higher Purpose

Why did we choose the name Higher Purpose Birth Services?

You may or may not know me but, I also run an awesome homemaking page. Where it is about motivating, supporting and encouraging moms around the world!

I always say I do my homemaking with a higher purpose, that purpose is to get closer to our Creator...

With doula services, getting closer to the Creator by witnessing and supporting the miracle of pregnancy and delivery is a reminder that these acts are because of The Most High and every good we do, should have a higher purpose in.. mind, action and heart.

Having been pregnant more than 6 times and experiencing so much during and after pregnancy. I know that I can offer a lot of support to women who need it. Pregnancy and birth is a joyful experience and I want to help make it easier and memorable.

I'm very excited to have made this necessary step in providing a much needed service.

I reside in Georgia and looking to work with moms in the area. Also as a certified herbalist and aromatherapist we offer a lot of products for the whole family. Pregnancy teas, soaks, massage oils, salves, cough syrups , tonics and more for the whole family.

Would like to know more? Please feel free to...

Call me! 929-346-1019

Peace & Blessings,


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