Monday, July 6, 2015

Aromatherapy, Pregnancy, and LavHa!

With our doula services, we will also encourage the safe usage of essential oils.  During pregnancy, labor, and postpartum you can use essential oils safely, to create calm, peace, and balance.

LavHa, a company created by two friends, Nancy and Jessica, they combine the healing properties of gem stones and essential oils to create therapeutic jewelry.

The Sacred Womb bracelet that I'm wearing has the stones Rose Quartz and Unakite with lava!
Each bracelet comes with a 1mm bottle of essential oil. Mine came with wild orange and I love citrus smells, it's energizing and is uplifting for the mind and spirits.

Whether you are pregnant or not. Do NOT ingest essential oils. There are safe ways to use them and as part of our doula services we do promote and encourage safe aromatherapy usage.

 Diffusing them, using them in room sprays you can benefit from them.

Essential oils have different properties like lavender and chamomile for calm and relaxation, and when needed citrus essential oils for energy. All useful when pregnant or in labor and during the postpartum time.

So! How does the bracelet work?

Place a drop of essential oil on each lava stone and it will diffuse for up to three days! About the lava:

"Ours primarily come from Spain, Colorado and South America. We are careful to make sure that we use all natural and authentic lava. It's easy to find synthetic lava and lava cannot be dyed, so real lava won't come in any color except black and brown. Synthetic lava will still work as a diffuser (just like using clay), but won't have the same therapeutic properties as the real thing."

I also love that LavHa gives back, a portion of their sales go to a non profit each month.

They have different bracelets and do custom orders as well! Stop by their LavHa website and see a variety of products. LavHa Facebook to stay up to date and join in their name the bracelet contest.

At 24 weeks pregnant, I can say from experience that essential oils have been a help and I look forward to working with moms and giving them tips to apply essential oils in their pregnancy journey.

Peace & Blessings
Ameeera Rahim

Higher Purpose Birth Services

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